1. Leave your bandage on for a minimum of one hour following the tattoo.

2. Once you take the bandage off, wash delicately with a mild, liquid and UNSCENTED SOAP and warm water.

3. Pat the tattoo dry with a clean paper towel.

4. Let the tattoo dry for 1-3 hours.

5. On the SECOND day, once your tattoo has been able to dry out a little:

Place a very thin layer of unscented, MILD MOISTURIZER or tattoo aftercare product. Avoid putting too much product on it as it could block your skin’s ability to breathe, which is the most important part of the healing process.

6. Wash your tattoo regularly; if you are in a place where your tattoo may get dirty, wash more frequently.


7. AVOID swimming in public pools or the ocean, and AVOID soaking the tattoo for any extended period of time. Try your best not to oversaturate it while taking a shower.

8. Keep washing the tattoo and applying product a couple times a day for about 1-2 weeks.

9. Your tattoo will likely peel off like a sunburn, but in some places, there may be scabbing – DON’T PANIC, and DON’T PICK!

10. AVOID THE SUN and use sunscreen!


If you are traveling with a NEW TATTOO, take every precaution to protect your tattoo from exposure to public areas, bus/airline seats or other environmental contaminants.

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